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Swing classes in Slovenia, Ljubljana

I like swing dancing and would like to see more and more people dancing it. That is why I have been teaching swing classes in Ljubljana, Slovenia for several years, from beginner to advanced levels. I try to focus my teaching not only on Lindy Hop but also on other styles, Collegiate Shag being one of my favourites, and let's not forget graceful Balboa. I also do Charleston classes (solo and coupled) .


I teach for the SwingKids dance society in Ljubljana. I also organize swing dance performances from time to time. If you are visiting Ljubljana and would like to join my class please contact me and find out when and where my next class is coming up.


Swing class


I believe that swing dancers should be at least familiar with several swing dances, not only Lindy Hop, and apply their wider knowledge depending on a music they dance to. Different music types call for different dancing styles, so being able to dance different styles of swing dancing in very good in my opinion. I encourage dancers never to say "I ihink this music is too fast", or "this music is slow". If the music is swingin' then dance.


You don't need a dance partner to apply to the class, I'll do my best to couple you up. Please wear confortable clothes and bring with you a pair of clean shoes. And a bottle of water could come in handy, especially for shag dancers. :)

Allthatswing workshops in Ljubljana

Few years ago me and my friends have started to organise a nice little swing festival here in Ljubljana. We have named it the Allthatswing festival. It happens every april in Ljubljana. As the name suggests, we focus on several swing dance types. We will be happy to see you visit us in April!


Here is the link to the Allthatswing festival page



Description of swing dances I teach:

In my classes I teach the following dances (clicking on the coloured names of the dances will take you to the slovene pages of the dances, that probably won't make any sense to you at all, but you can find some videos there):

- East coast swing - this is the dance we can dance a lot to faster tempos of music. I teach it in the way that we mostly use single steps to dance it, later on we combine it with kick steps and triple steps. I teach this dance at the beginner level. It can be a super cool crazy dance if you wish to work on it or it can be a good solid preparation if you wish to learn other dances listed bellow.

- Lindy hop is a dance that I start teaching at the intermediate swing level. it is similar in many ways to the East coast, but quite different as posture and body movement is concerned. It is a 'must know' swing dance since it is the most widely spread swing dance in the world.

- Charleston is a dance originating from the beginning of the last century. I teach the lindy Charleston version in combination with East coast swing anc Lindy Hop in the beginner, intermediate and advanced Swing levels. The original 20's Charleston version of the dance I teach separatly. Both versions can be daced solo or with a partner.

Swing Class

- Balboa and Bal Swing are the dances I like dancing a lot. Balboa is dances strictly in a closed position. But we can combine it with swing to go from closed to open position and do crazy swing moves in this dance also. This is then named the bal Swing.

- Collegiate shag is a crazy dance that I try to teach my students. It is not hard to learn, since the movement and the posture is in many ways similar to the kick step ESC that I teach at the beginner level. But it requires a dancer to be fit. If you want to be che craziest dancer on the dancefloor than this is the dance for you :)

My experience:


Years ago around 2005 I got infected with swing when I was visiting dance nights that were held every tuesday at a Kodeljevo castle near my home. I was visiting regular swing classes for three years and learned a lot from Sajles, a teacher from New York. I also visited several swing workshops in Slovenija and abroad. With a group of other dancers we also performed several times on stage with unique balboa, lindy and swing coreographies. Later I started organizing some shows myself.

Krištof Igor Swing

In the past years I have learned a lot about swing dances like Lidy Hop, 20's Charleston, Balboa, East coast swing, Collegiate shag and more. I started teaching as a substitute teacher and I found out ... I quite liked it! And student's feedback was positive too. So now I have my own small swing dance school. Apart from that I am a member of Swing Kids Slovenija team, we do lots of swing events too. I must say I consider myself lucky that I got the chance to transfer my knowledge to other dancers. And I enjoy doing it!

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