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East Coast (6-count swing)

According to dance history many dance instructurs in 1940's wanted to simplyfy and change then very popular Lindy Hop. Their opinion was that Lindy dance is not suitable for "white" population. It was not gracefull in their opinion. And let's not forget, it was the time of racial segregation, that played a part in this actions too. So they created a dance that was still named "Swing" or "Lindy" or "Jitterbug". But it was in fact a simplified version of Lindy.

EastCoast swing

Regardless of somewhat strange birth of the dance it quickly became popular. It was just a fun dance to do, and easy to learn for beginners and even for more advanced levels. The music was slowly changing from swing to rock, and with a lot of simple and funny moves made this dance just ideal. Well others say that a simple six count dance existed before 8-count lindy hop. I didn't find real evidence about that, but that is difficult to explore.


This is a six count dance, wit a "slow, slow, quick quick (rockback)" pattern. It can be danced in single step variation to fast, and a triple step variaton to slower music. And also with kick steps, double touch steps,... Many swing dance teachers begin their beginner classes with this simple single and triple variaton of dancing and then gradually move to traditional Lindy Hop. I believe that this dance is suitable for more advanced dancing too.

Krištof in Tjaša plešeta swing


I think "six count" it is the dance for the fastest tempos of swing music, when music is so fast that even good balboa dancers and shag dancers are finding it hard to keep up with the tempo. Because it's suitable to be danced to fast rock and roll music it was also known simply as "Rock and roll dance". When we started dancing swing in Slovenija Sajles Šinkovec was a fan of this dance, he called it also simple lindy. Many dancers were dancing it. We called it "six count". Saljes liked dancing to fast music, mostly neo swing and fast tempo swing music was played by DJs in those days.



Being able to dance to fast music without making a sweat is the main reason I like this dance. There are lots of cool stylish steps and even lots of aerial steps that dancers can insert in a simple six count pattern. The main difference between Six count and Lindy hop is the feeling of the dance, there is not so much attention to relation: tense and relaxation (like in Lindy Hop), but more on spinning and turning. And one big advantage: it can be danced in a crowded room without worrying so much about bumping into fellow dancers.


Some videos of "six count" swing

6 count - Stomp Stomp

This is us years ago dancing the coreography based on a Six count dance. Simple and fun with lots of cool moves, that is what most of spectators want to see.

Slower (triple time) ECS

This is how the dance is danced to slower tempos of music.

Dancing ECS in Ljubljana

This is from a regular SEM dance night, where music mostly suitable for ECS is being played. One of the advantages of this dance is that it can be easily be danced in a crowded room.


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