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Swing in Ljubljana and Slovenia

I have been a fan of swing music since my childhood years and that is the main reason I started taking swing dance lessons when swing dance had spread to my country. I like music and dancing very much, but what really excites me is the great way of spending free time. In Slovenija the dances take place at evenings in several clubs and pubs, where DJ's play all sorts of swing music (swing, jump blues, boogie, neo swing, jazz swing, ragime...)

I also teach swing classes and organise swing dance performance shows from time to time in order to promote and spread the dance.

Swing music

You all probably know artists like Benny Goodmann, Glenn Miller or Count Basie. Most of the people first think of these big bands when thinking about swing music. The range of different artists and thus music styles, however, is very wide.

vintage swing band

If you want to explore this music I reccomend artists like Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Harry James, Indigo swing, Lavay Smith, Mora's modern rhytmists, Dutch swing college band, Perry Como, Royal crown revue, Bill Elliott, Louis Jordan, Ray Collin's Hot club, Eight to the bar, Big bad voodoo daddy, Collin James, Stray cats, The Brian Setzer orchestra...

You may have noticed that I stated many artists who perform different music styles from different eras. I like different music styles, from sweet to hot swing and boogie, dixieland, neo swing... You can find more about the music on my swing music site.

Swing dancing

There are different music styles and therefore dance styles. I believe a swing dancer shound know how to dance to different styles of music. Nowadays lindy hop is the most popular of the range of swing dances. Followed by balboa. I personally also like collegiate shag, 20's charleston, east coast swing, ...

vintage swing dancers

Swing dance has rich history and is evolving even today in various parts of the world. Vintage clothes and style also give it a special energy and ambient.

For me swing dance represents a number of different dance styles, each interesting in it's own way. When teaching I try to pass the knowledge of all the basic dances, so that young dancers can choose what dance they prefer the most. Read more about swing dancing on my swing dance site.

Swing in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In Ljubljana several good swing dancers have emerged during the last years. Slovene jitterbug scene is relatively good as far as swing dance knowledge is concerned. Many good swing dance events happen during each month and several swing DJ's play swingin' music. Most of the dances take place at bars and clubs, where there is no entrance fee, so that swing dancing is for everyone to enjoy, as it should be.

Swing Kids Slovenija

I am also part of the SwingKids team. We do several events. Among them the Allthatswing festival is the most recognised one. It is a nice festival that takes place every year in April in Ljubljana, Slovenija. Allthatswing festival in a place to be in April, check it out!


About Slovenia

I made a site where you can find basic information about Ljubljana and Slovenija in case you don't know where it is situated. Or even think it is somewhere near Russia or you have mistaken it for Slovakia. :) Just go to my Slovenija site to check it out!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about swing in Ljubljana. I will try to help you if I can. And here are some other useful links if you are interested in Ljubljana and Slovenija:

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