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About me

My name is Krištof and I live in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenija. I am interested in many diferent things, some of which I have included on my web site. Bellow is a short description of me and my life.

Dancing activities

Despite the fact that I work in a day job I also try to find time for another activity that interest me. It is something completely different - use some of my 'free time' for dancing swing and also teaching others the dance. I also organize swing performance shows, events and stuff like that.

Kristof and Igor swingin'

I have started dancing swing ten years ago and have been taking dance classes from my mentor Sajles Šinkovec from NYC fo three years. I was also attending numerous dance workshops and in 2008 I have been given the opportunity to teach swing. So I became another "actor" in slovene dance scene, organizing dance events and so on ever since.

During my dancing years I have learned several dances like Lindy Hop, EC swing, Balboa, Shag, Chareston,... I would like to see more people dancing - not just Lindy Hop but also other swing dances!

I also like doing other stuff like reading, cycling, taking hikes to local mountains, and for sure taking time off at seaside or at the spa. One of the things I like best is exploring the place I live in, Ljubljana as my home city and other cities and coutryside of Slovenija too.

School and work

After primary school I have completed grammar school Gimnazija Moste. After that I continued my education at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of civil engineering. I got my degree in communal engineering and waste treatment.


I am now working in the same field, focusing on construction of communal networks like waterworks, wastewater facilities, roads... I like my work and doing something for the community.


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