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The city of Ljubljana

I was born in Ljubljana and have lived here all of my life. I know the city quite well, that is why it is difficult for me to shorten the description of the city on just this site. I hope the information I added will help you decide to visit Ljubljana and take a look at the city and it's surroundings.

Basic information

Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and is located in the central part of the country. As a capital of a small country it has all the features of a modern capital but it still is a smaller universal town with a friendly climate and relaxed atmosphere. The center of the city is situated by the Ljubljanica river with the the castle of Ljubljana watching over the city from a Castle Hill.

Ljubljana as viewed from the castle hill

It is the largest city in Slovenia and has a population of 280.000 inhabitants. The altitude of Ljubljana is 295 meters. Ljubljana has warm summers and moderately cold winters. It is situated at the centre of the Slovenian road network, linking the city to all parts of the country and abroad.

Short history of Ljubljana

The first people inhabited the marshy part of Ljubljana basin in around 2000 BC, they mere called "Mostiščarji". They were known for their houses, built over the shallow lakes. Romans later founded a military encampment called Emona, that played important role in several battles. It was destroyed after the fall of Rome. The center of the medieval Ljubljana was later based not far from Emona, and is now a very nice part of Ljubljana. Ljubljana became the capital of Illyrian Provinces when Napoleon conquered this part of Europe. In the kingdom of Yugoslavia Ljubljana was the capital of the province.

pot spominov in tovarištva

During the second world war it was occupied by the Italians and Germans and was surrounded with the 30 kilometers long barbed wire. Where the wire used to be is now a path for recreation (picture above) in memory of the war years. After the war Ljubljana was the capital of socialistic Republic of Slovenia and is now capital of independant Slovenia.


The first thing to do for a visitor is just to take a stroll around the city centre, maybe see some galleries where many slovene painters sell their paintings, go shopping, then take a break and enjoy a drink in one of many pubs situated in the centre or go to the famous 'nebotičnik', one of the tallent buildings in the 30s in this part of Europe. Then walk on to the castle hill and take a look at the great view on Ljubljana from the castle tower.


There is a big central market I reccomend visiting, with architectural object designed by a famous slovene architect Jože Plečnik giving it a mixture of central european and meditteranean feeling. Plečnik left a big mark on the city with many of his buildings all over Ljubljana.

The river Ljubljanica divides the oldest part of the city from the rest, both parts are connected to eachother with many bridges. The river is very nice with many great places to sit down, read a book, draw, relax or meet with friends. You can embark on a boat that will take you around the centre or go on a longer tour to the marshy Barje just outside the city, that is great.

Ljubljana in the summer

To take a break from the city centre visit a big park called Tivoli, where for centuries people living in Ljubljana have been meeting and strolling around it. It also contains a cute lake, a pond, photographic exhibition, a museum...

Many concerts, exhibitions, plays, and other cultural events happen in Ljubljana all year round so there is always something to see. I reccomend visiting info points for the information.

Ljubljana at christmas

In the last years there has been much renovation and other construction work like reconstructed city squares, new bridges over the river Ljubljanica and other work done in Ljubljana. The city centre is now closed for the traffic. You can rent a bike on one of many rental points and drive around the city.

Just have a great time and enjoy!

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