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Brief info about Slovenia

Slovenia is a small but very biodiverse country known for its karst phenomena, thermal waters and many spa's, beautiful seaside, Alpine mountain range and so on. It's located in central Europe so it is not that hard to come and visit. It is covered by forest, with one of the biggest populations of brown bear in Europe. It has one of the cutest European capitals, Ljubljana. One of the most popular turist attractions is lake Bled (bellow) but these are several other cool locations.


Lake blew with an island


There are several ski resorts in Slovenia in the mountains and hills and a beautiful seaside by the Adriatic sea. There are many sites of interest like the karst cave in Postojna (picture bellow), lake Bled, city of Piran, castle Predjama and the horse stables at Lipica just to name the few. One of the most popular and worth seeing places is also the capitol Ljubljana, the green capital of Europe of 2016. If you will be visiting Ljubljana do check out my Ljubljana sightseeing tour page.


Postojna karst cave


The ancestors of the Slovenians founded their own independent state in the 7th century called Carantania, with the heart being in today's southern Austria's city of Celovec (Klagenfurt). After the fall of Carantania and the refusal of nobles to be cristened, our nation was mostly ruled by foreign rulers and Slovene inhabited territory was severly reduced through centuries to come. Bellow you can see the picture of the famous Lipica horses, located in Lipica.


Famous Lipica horses


After the first world war and the fall of Austro-Hungary monarchy we became a part of Yugoslavia. After fighting on the allied side in the second world war we remained in a socialist Yugoslavia, and later in the year 1991 we became independant. It was a releaf after so many centuries of our wish to be able to really be free to build our culture and our state. There are many fortresses that have witnessed all the history, one of them being the famous Predjama castle bellow.


Predjama castle


Now Slovenia is an independant democratic state, a member of the European Union and NATO. The majority of the population are Slovenians. Slovenian is one of rare languages that uses the dual. There are members of other nations living in Slovenia too, mostly from the other ciountries of former Yugoslavia and two smaller Italian and Hungarian minorities. Bellow you can see a nice view on the Slovenia's second biggest city of Maribor, located on the banks od Drava river.


The second largest city in Slovenia - Maribor


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