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My name is Krištof and this is the english version of my website. I hope you like it. I live and work in Ljubljana, Slovenija, located in central Europe. Here I present several swing music and dances styles and also my modest contribution to the jitterbug community.

I also took the liberty to present my country and hopefully convince you to visit. I have added a brief description of Slovenija, you can find some usefull information about where to go and useful tips about sightseeing.

Content of my site:

How to swing dance...

swing class

I am a national dance teacher, focusing on traditional vintage swing dance styles: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Charleston and EC Swing. I have been running my own dance school in Ljubljana, now I teach for the SwingKids society in Ljubljana. I have been dancing swing for almost 10 years. I don't really have international experence in competing, never did fancy that. I focus on teaching, performing and doing dance coreographies instead.

You can find more infos about my school on my swing class web page.

Slovenia and Ljubljana


Part of my website is dedicated to information about my home city of Ljubljana and the country of Slovenija. If you are visiting this part of Europe then I reccomend you shag on down and do some sightseeing around here. Slovenija is a small country so it won't take you long for a whole experience. From Adriatic seaside to the Alps, we have it all. You can also contact me for more information about what to see or where to go.

Here I have put together some information about Ljubljana and the country of Slovenia, click and check it out.

Description and history of swing dance

swing history

I have put up a short description of several swing dance styles and how they have evolved during the last century. From the beginning simple dances fith amusing names like Grrizly Bear and bunny Hop, to the advanced level of dancing Lindy Hop, the history is very interesting. Read all about swing dancing here.

Since there is more to swing dancing than Lindy Hop, I have set up descriptions of each individual dance, at least the ones I dance. You'll find the links to this pages at my swing site.

Description and history of swing music

Vintage radio

On my page dedicated to swing music (click here), you will find a music player, just relax and listen to some quality swing and swing related music.

I also wrote about history of swing music, the music styles that went hand in hand with the swing dancing. There is lot's of the information around, but I found that only a few authors did the effort to put together the whole show.

You know, it don't mean a thing... :)

Ljubljana ALLTHATSWING festival

Swing Kids Slovenija

I am a member of the SwingKids team. We do several events in Ljubljana, including dance classes, dance evenings, dance shows and presentations and our most recognisable event, the international Allthatswing festival. It is a nice festival that takes place every year in April in Ljubljana, Slovenija. Allthatswing festival in a place to be in April, check it out!


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